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Voice Recording Tools 

Voice recording tools offers a way for students to amplify their voice, express their ideas, and connect with the world. These tools are a great way for students to develop storytelling skills. 


Description: Canva streamlines the process of recording audio projects like podcasts and audiobooks, offering users intuitive tools and customizable templates. With its user-friendly built-in recording studio and rich multimedia resources, Canva enables creators to capture clear and compelling narratives, enhancing the quality and impact of their audio content. Login: Sign in with Google credentials

🔗Teacher Tutorial: Creating a podcast episode with Canva

Description: Screencastify is a Google extension that users must add to their Chrome account. Once added it will appear as a little arrow with a video camera in the upper right corner of the Chrome web browser. This Chrome extension makes it easy for students to record and edit audio.

The free account allows up to 5 mins for recording and exporting.

🔗Teacher Tutorial: Using Screencastify to make podcasts with students


Description: This audio recording studio is designed for students and teacher to create and edit audio recordings. Recording studios and microphones are available for checkout in our Rochester CoLab

Free online tool- Educators & students will need to create an account Login: Sign in with Google credential

🔗Teacher Tutorial: How-to podcast with Soundtrap

🔗Teacher Tutorial: Soundtrap for teachers resources


Description: This web-based application makes it easy for students to record, edit, and add music to their podcast episode. Note: The free plan allows users to export 5 minutes worth of audio per month.

Premium accounts are available for middle school technology electives. Reach out to the district instructional technology specialist for access.