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Video Creation Tools 

Unleash the creative potential of your students with tool of video creation!. Providing students with the opportunity to create videos not only enhances their technological skills but also cultivates their ability to express ideas and concepts in innovative ways. These tools make it easy for students to combine video, audio, graphics, text, and more to share their ideas and learning with others.


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Description: Canva simplifies the process of creating engaging videos for teachers and students alike with its user-friendly interface and customizable templates. Users can incorporate multimedia elements like images, text, and animations to enhance the visual appeal of their instructional materials. With access to a vast library of stock photos and video clips, Canva enables users to craft professional-quality content. Furthermore, Canva facilitates collaboration among users, allowing teachers and students to work together seamlessly on video projects, fostering teamwork and creativity. Login: Sign in with Google credentials

πŸ”—Teacher Tutorial: Design Video Activities

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Video

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Description: Adobe Creative Cloud Express Video is a video storytelling application. It combines motion graphics, audio recording, music, text, and photos and is used to produce short animated or narrated videos. This tool was formerly known as Adobe Spark Video. Only available for students above the age of 13. Login: Sign in with Google credentials

πŸ”—Teacher Tutorial: How to create a video in Adobe Express

iMovie for iPads


Description: iMovie only works on an Apple device (iPhone or iPad) however it comes free on these devices and creates a very easy platform for making professional looking movies from a combination of videos or still images. From iMovie app students can export their project directly to their Google Drive. iPads are available for check out in our Rochester CoLab.


Description: WeVideo is a website that allows users to professionally edit videos similar to iMovie. Video clips, images, voice recordings and titles can be combined together to create a final product that easily exports to Google Drive. Users can also record video footage right in WeVideo using a webcam or capture a screen recording. Note: The free plan allows users to export 5 minutes worth of video/audio per month.

Premium accounts are available for middle school technology electives. Reach out to the district instructional technology specialist for access. 

Description: Screencastify is a Google extension that users must add to their Chrome account. Once added it will appear as a little arrow with a video camera in the upper right corner of the Chrome web browser. Screencastify will allow users to record a video with the computer's webcam and microphone OR do a screen recording for a possible "how to" video. 

The free account allows up to 5 mins/video for recording and exporting.

πŸ”—Teacher Tutorial: Screencastify Resource Hub

πŸ”—Teacher Tutorial: Screencastify Overview