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What is Helperbird?

Helperbird is an all in one accessibility tool providing personalized support for browsing, reading, and writing on the web.

This chrome extension is available to all staff and students. Users will need to connect with their RCS Google account to gain access to the premium features. Refer to the links and tutorial below to learn about the powerful features of Helperbird. 

Helperbird Extension

Getting started

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Add the Helperbird Extension to your Chrome Browser. 

Helperbird Extension

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Log in with your RCS Google Account to unlock the premium features to Helperbird

Steps to Log In Video

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Enable the Add-on for Google Docs and Slides to use Helperbird in these tools 

Add-on for Google Docs and Slides


Google Add-on Slides/ Docs

Learn about how to utilize Helperbird in Google Docs.  

Highlight Menu

This tutorial walks you through how to use each of its powerful features—Text-to-Speech, Immersive Reader, Highlighter, Sticky Notes, Translate, Define, and Web Search—to make your web experience more accessible and efficient.

Extract Text

In this tutorial, learn how to extract text and make it talk, all in one place.

Dyslexia Ruler

 In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the simple steps to activate and effectively use the Dyslexia Ruler, ensuring smoother and more focused reading on any website.

Highlighter Tool

This step-by-step guide teaches you how to use the Highlighter feature in Helperbird to easily highlight text across web pages. Perfect for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to focus on key points.

Sticky Notes

This tutorial shows you how to use Helperbird's Sticky Notes feature to create and manage notes on any website or document. 

Simplify Text

Learn how to leverage Helperbird's AI-powered feature to reword or simplify selected text and entire web pages