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Looking for engaging ideas and tech-related strategies to start off your school year? Then check out the ISTE list of What’s in your Back-to-School Toolkit? Be sure to check your district approved technology list to ensure tools listed can be used with students at your school. 

Worth a Watch/Listen 

Jennifer Gonzalez from Cult of Pedagogy reached out to educators to share their teacher-tested projects that engage students in high quality collaboration. Each example includes the technology tools teachers and students used to facilitate their work. 

Tech Tool to Try 

Speaking of collaboration, did you know that Canva offers students the ability to collaborate on dozens of different multimedia projects, such as video, websites, infographics, and more. Canva offers a free plan for educators. It also integrates with learning platforms like Google Classroom so students can easily find and submit their multimedia projects and assignments.

Go to Canva and start exploring! 

Free Resource 

Learning with technology doesn't happen because a specific tool totally transforms education. It happens when educators focus on proven instructional strategies and connect them with proven technology tools. Here is a resource on how thoughtful integration of technology can support student learning. Be sure to ask these questions before integrate tech tools into your classroom.

First page of the PDF file: UtilizingTechinMeaningfulWays


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