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In this month’s TechByte, we’re diving into AI in education. Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the role it can play in education can feel overwhelming, which is why I’m excited to share the Digital Literacy & AI Playbook. This playbook was a collaborative effort between myself and other Technology Integration Specialists across Oakland County. 

The playbook aims to highlight the potential of AI in education and equip educators with insights and practical approaches to integrate digital literacy and AI into their educational practices. 

Inside the playbook, you will find: 

  • An overview of AI 
  • Impacts of AI in education 
  • Tips for Identifying AI 
  • Ethics to Consider 
  • Generative AI Prompt Engineering Tips
  • Universal Design for Learning & AI
  • AI Toolboxes & Lesson Resources  

You can view a copy of the playbook via Canva or Google Drive

I look forward to sharing additional AI resources with you in the coming months. 



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