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Worth a Watch/Listen 

This summer, 60 middle school students attended our Innovation Lab. These students engaged in project-based learning as they used their passions and interests to solve a problem in their community. In our latest podcast episodes, two students reflect on this learning experience.  


Tech Tool to Try 

Students can now edit and annotate PDFs with the built-in Gallery App on their Chromebooks. This feature allows students to add text, highlight, and mark PDFS. It is a new tool you’ll want to try out and share with your students. Check out the Tech This Out! video below to learn how to access and use the tool. 

Free Resource 

This month I’m sharing two Canva templates that can be used in any subject. The first is a Netflix Series Template, and the second is a Disney+ Template. These templates mimic the features users on these streaming platforms see. Students can design and develop a mini-series for one of these platforms. The Canva library has thousands of images, so students can easily add photos and text for the series. Here are some ways educators can use these templates. 

  • History: Students can make a mini-series related to what they are studying in history class
  • Language arts:  Students can take their independent reading novel and turn it into a tv series. 
  • Science: Students can create a series designed to teach younger kids about a specific scientific topic or concept. 
  • World Language: Students can create a series that explore the culture or custom of a specific place in the world. 
  • Math: Students can make a series with episodes that highlight math in everyday life. 
  • Business: Students can create a series about personal finance, marketing, or business management. 


Netflix Series Template 

Disney+ Series Template

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