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Liz Miller Lee, director of online learning, highlights innovative trends in K-12 education. She mentions how important it is that we take the lessons we learned from pandemic learning and shake-up the system of education. “Now is the time to use this opportunity to usher in innovative practices that will lead to greater student agency, a more empowered and passionate teaching force and a focus on the very skills that industries so desperately need in their workers.” 

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In this innovation ignitED episode, students share their experience with creating book trailers.

Tech Tool to Try

The Michigan Learning Channel (MLC) is a statewide public television partnership offering instructional content to support the education of students. The lessons, generally about a half-hour each, are presented by a diverse group of educators, delivered as if the teacher is in a classroom setting. Nearly every program has supplemental educational activities and resources to build on the lesson. Click here to check out the full list of programming.

Free Template Resource 

Google Classroom Rubrics are a game changer! In Classroom, you can create, reuse, and grade with rubrics for assignments. When you return assignments to students, the rubric appears right next to the assignment. It is a great way to provide feedback to students. The easiest way to create a Google Classroom Rubric is to start with a Google Sheets template. The video below walks you through how to start with a rubrics template and add it to an assignment.  

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