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Worth a Read 

"Genius projects are in the unique category of projects whose very presence can change a life, unleash a talent upon the world, and change history.” In this article, Using Genius Hour Projects to Help Students Find Meaning, discover the benefits of Genius Hour Projects and how you can begin to implement them into your classroom.

Worth a Watch/Listen 

In this month’s podcast episode, students from the Reuther Middle School Makespace share how the maker environment is helping them to develop collaboration, critical thinking, creative confidence, and agency.

Tech Tool to Try 

Learn how you can use the Chrome extension Read & Write for Google Chrome to make documents, web pages, and PDFs more accessible.

Free Template Resource

This Genius Hour Template helps to scaffold and facilitate a Genius Hour Project. Students can use this template to document their learning throughout the Genius Hour Project. 

Google Slides Template 

Canva Template 

This video by John Spencer helps set the stage for a Genius Hour. I recommend you share it as part of your introduction so students can understand what Genius Hour is all about.