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Dear RCS Educators, 

Welcome to our January TechByte! This month, we're focusing on AI support for students, digital escape rooms, accessibility extensions, and free Canva templates. Let's dive in and explore some edtech. 

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AI Support Resources for Students 

Artificial Intelligence remains one of the most sought-after instructional technology support topics. Here are two new resources to help you equip your students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of AI responsibly and ethically. 

Student Guide for AI Use: Use this quick guide graphic to assist students in understanding the responsible use of AI tools. The guide is available in multiple languages. 

AI Literacy Lessons for Grades 6-12Common Sense Media created a series of grab-and-go lessons tailored to help students in grades 6-12 develop critical thinking skills regarding AI. 

In this collection of quick lessons (20 minutes or less), students will: 

  • Understand what AI is and how it works

  • Consider some of its potential benefits and risks 

  • Think critically about how we can be responsible and ethical users of AI

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Digital Escape Rooms in Google Forms 

Calling for teachers interested in gamifying their classrooms! Discover the exciting world of digital escape rooms, where students are immersed in challenging puzzles and problem-solving scenarios, fostering collaboration and critical thinking skills in a virtual environment.

Ready to level up your classroom experience? Reach out via email, and let's coordinate a time to begin designing digital escape rooms tailored to your curriculum and students' interests.

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Accessibility Tool Spotlight: Helperbird 

Helperbird is an accessibility Chrome extension available to all staff and students. From customizable color schemes and dyslexia-friendly fonts to screen reading capabilities and text-to-speech functionality, Helperbird empowers individuals to navigate digital content easily and confidently. 

To help you harness the full potential of Helperbird, I’ve curated a webpage filled with videos and quick-start guides to support you. Reach out if you have any questions or would like more support in using this tool. 

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Free Canva Templates 

Empower your students with Canva Templates for Learning Goals. Here are five Canva templates designed to help your students set meaningful learning goals.

  1. 2024 Goal Setting Worksheet

  2. My 2024 Goals 

  3. W.O.O.P Your Goal!

  4. Literacy and Math Learning Goals

  5. My Learning Goals 

Need assistance incorporating Canva into your classroom? Reach out for personalized support and guidance on utilizing Canva with your students.

This year, I’ll be sharing more instructional tech tips and resources on TikTok and Instagram. Feel free to follow along and receive edtech insights right on your feeds. 

Stay curious and stay inspired! 

Rachel Mainero 
Instructional Technology Specialist

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