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Worth a Read 

Integrating tech and play at an early age helps students to learn how the world works. In this article Playing with Ed Tech: Using Digital Tools in Kindergarten Classrooms Christine Pinto and Jessica Twomey share how meaningful integration of technology in their kindergarten classroom is transforming learning. 

Worth a Watch/Listen 

Getting students access to the latest technology tools is now made easier with the Oakland Schools STEMco library. The STEMco is a collection of emergent technology tools designed to promote and leverage STEM and career readiness connections. Tune in and hear students share about the impact these tools had on their learning.  

Tech Tool to Try 

Spark creativity and empower innovation using the tools in the STEMco .Regardless of what subject or grade level you teach, you should check out the tools available in the STEMco. The items offer exposure to Robotics, Electronic Building Blocks, Interactive Media, and Advanced Manufacturing.

Free Resource 

Get your students up and moving with these fun brain break songs and dances. Since the videos are embedded, you don’t have to worry about unwanted ads or other content unsuited for young learners. Click on the number of the dance song you want to listen to with your students, then use the home button to navigate to the Table of Contents.

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