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This month's TechByte offers an exploration of new learning opportunities, introduces activities for student engagement, and highlights Earth Day resources.

PD Playground launches April 8th

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Get ready for an immersive exploration of cutting-edge tech tools.  Launching April 2024

Join the PD playground and dive into time-saving AI tools, discover accessibility strategies, and ignite innovation. Get a chance to win a Nintendo Switch for your classroom, gift cards, and other edtech swag. Register today and be automatically enrolled in the Google Classroom. 

🎥Watch the promo video to learn more

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Activities to Try 


Celebrate poetry month by exploring all the great resources on the Discovery Education Poetry Channel


Try a Graphic Organizer Canva template to support students as they brainstorm ideas


Connect students with National Geographic Explorers through a live Explorer Classroom session 


Check out the extension Revision History, which shows basic statistics on student Google Doc assignments, like time spent writing, number of deletions, and copy/pastes.


Earth Day Resources

Earth Day falls on April 22nd. The Discovery Education Earth Day Channel offers a variety of on-demand events, videos, Virtual Field Trips, and engaging activities to celebrate the occasion.  Students can use the grade level appropriate Earth Day Choice Boards to explore environmental topics:

These resources provide an interactive way for students to learn about and engage with environmental issues


Present Google Slides with Captions on, making your presentation more accessible for all learners.

  1. Open a presentation in Google Slides

  2. To start presenting, click Slideshow 

  3. On the bottom left of the Present Screen, click the three dots and click Captions Preferences> Toggle Captions English only

  4. Use the Text Position to determine where you want the captions to appear and the Text Size to increase or decrease the size.


Stay curious and stay inspired! 

Rachel Mainero 
Instructional Technology Specialist 

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