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Short and informative instructional tech videos. Videos in this series will teach learners how to create projects, find inspiration, get tips for learning with technology, and discover how to expand digital skills. 

Chromebook Screencast app 

Learn how to use the Chromebook Screencast app to create annotated screencast videos with built in transcriptions. 

Google Drive

Learn how you can organize your Google Drive 

Story Dice

Learn how you can generate storytelling ideas with online Story Dice

Explorer Classroom

Learn how you can connect students with cutting-edge scientists, researchers, and powerful storytellers from around the globe.

Read & Write for Google Chrome

Learn how you can use the Chrome extension Read & Write for Google Chrome to make documents, web pages, and PDFs more accessible.

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Chromebook keyboard shortcuts are time-saving key combos you can use to launch specific commands. Check out 15 shortcuts you can use on your devices.

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts Poster


Discover how you can use Nepris to bring real-world relevance and career exposure to the classroom.

Oakland Schools STEMco

Learn how you can integrate the latest technology tools into your lessons with the use of items from the Oakland School's STEMco.