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Maker Challenges

Maker Challenges offer you a chance to create with the materials around you. Feel free to remix the challenge and add your own creative twist! Share a picture of your creation using #rcsmakers. Click on the challenges below to watch a video and learn more about each challenge. 

Maker Challenge 1

Build your own dream house

Maker Challenge 2

Design your own theme park

Maker Challenge 3

Invent a new sport

Maker Challenge 4

Build an upcycled music instrument

Maker Challenge 5

Go on a virtual expedition

Maker Challenge 6

Build a fort and then read a book in it

Maker Challenge 7

Build your own robot

Maker Challenge 8

Create using old textiles

Maker Challenge 9

Design your own board game

Maker Challenge 10

Go on a nature walk

Maker Challenge 11

Document your time of remote learning 

This Virtual Makerspace was created by Rachel Mainero, Information Literacy Specialist (ILS) at Reuther Middle School in collaboration with Julie Rains, Technology Program Consultant at Virtual Campus. Additional resources were provided from Lisa Mele, ILS at Van Hoosen, Kristi Trimboli, ILS at Hart, and community partnerships.