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What is the primary purpose of school?

We have many ideas as an RCS learning community. That is what our shared journey today is all about. We can follow our passions, experiment, explore, and make connections to share our thinking. Now, it's your turn. So let's dig in, design, teach and learn something new along the way. Who knows, we might even laugh a little.



To begin our expedition, you can use the decorated guidebook or the dropdown steps below. The gif below shows how you can navigate through each step of the expedition. Refer back to our Live Stream for more support and guidance.

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A special thank you to our sponsors and volunteers who helped make this learning day possible

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Mr. Jeff Frankowiak 

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Ms. Julie Rains

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Mrs. Rachel Mainero

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Mr. Brian Peterson 

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Mr. Steve Ciaramitaro

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Dr. Yerko Sepulveda

female avatar

Miss Isabella Prasatek

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Ms. Tanya Regmont

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Ms. Heather Tocco

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Dr. Edward P. Clapp

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Mr. Neil DeLuca

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Mrs. Cindy Lindner

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Chief Steve Schettenhelm

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Sergeant Mark Lyon

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Officer Amy Drehmer